Hendi – Sign language app

During late spring, early summer of 2017, the graphic designer Kine Skjerpen and I made the design for an app focusing on learning sign language. The app is mainly aimed for children without hearing loss to have a better understanding of the language as well as learning to be able to communicate with deaf people. It is also aimed for deaf children as well, so that they can learn more, and for the third target group, teachers and parents that can encourage children to use the app as well as learning and using it themselves.

It was made as an exam project for my bachelor studies in graphic design.
We made a promotion video, app icon and poster. All is in Norwegian.


appikonferdigScreen Shot 2017-06-07 at 15.16.49

For the English speakers: The point of the game is to travel around in Norway with the character Hendi to learn different words in sign language. The words you learn is related to the place you visit and walk through, and you also have quiz’s to see if you remember the words. You can also compare your score to others on the score chart on the app. With the points you gather, it makes it possible for you to unlock different areas of the country to continue the game.

Diamond Awards

During the middle of spring 2017 we got a task to make a vignette to the award ceremony to Noroff Fagskole which they host every year in the end of the term before summer. We worked together in groups and afterwards after the task was done, it will be chosen if our concept would be chosen or not.

We were going to make a vignette and a poster. My group also made digital invitation since the main target group is students and they are much more reachable on the internet than through giving them physical invitations. The vignette and invitation was made with motion design in After Effects.

We decided to focus on network and concord between the students and the different studies the school has to offer. Since it also is an award event, we also wanted to focus on the positive aspect of the event.

Our theme is that we focus on the lines and teamwork and show all the connections and studies through following the line, show what the school offers and in the end you end up seeing the entire logo.


Digital invitation:


Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 19.42.06


I cooperated Kine Skjerpen, Maria Birkeland and Silje Haugland Rangset.

Swiss International Style

January 2017 we had a task about making a poster for a fictive design exhibition. Every one of us got a design era each, and I got Swiss International style. It is a fictive collaboration with the Norwegian design group Grafill.

The poster had to be inspired by the era and also include information about when and where the festival was going to happen and some information about the other exhibitions that would’ve been held. I read a lot about the era and found a lot of design inspiration and this is my result to the design:

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 20.21.52

Radio advertisement

In February we got a task about making a poster and an internet advertisement to a fictive radio channel to on of the genres from the task. I chose the one where I was supposed to make advertisement with an indie look. The radio channel got the Independent, FM 98,5.

Skjermbilde 2016-05-11 kl. 18.27.59

Skjermbilde 2016-05-11 kl. 18.28.12


Skjermbilde 2016-05-11 kl. 18.28.32

Hemmeligheten (The Secret)

November 2015 one in my class and I got a job about making a movie poster to a short film called “Hemmeligheten” (in English, The Secret). The short film is about a girl who want to tell her friends about her sexual orientation, but can almost only envision about how they maybe will react to what she has to say.