Hospital Design

I did a project during spring 2018 about making design for hospital wards and corridors. My fictive client is James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough.
The focus was on making enjoyable and calming design for children’s areas which is pleasant for both children and their following parent or another adult.
I have take inspiration from the nature of North Yorkshire.

Animal Farm – Book Cover and illustrations

During Autumn 2017 I worked with a book cover and illustration project to the book “Animal Farm”.
The project was done in coherence with the competition brief from Penguin in the adult fiction category.
To make the project a bit more comprehensive, I did make illustrations as well.

“Animal Farm” is a book about allegorical novel about a farm where the animals take power over a farm from the humans running it and start to run it themselves in their own way.

Swiss International Style

January 2017 we had a task about making a poster for a fictive design exhibition. Every one of us got a design era each, and I got Swiss International style. It is a fictive collaboration with the Norwegian design group Grafill.

The poster had to be inspired by the era and also include information about when and where the festival was going to happen and some information about the other exhibitions that would’ve been held. I read a lot about the era and found a lot of design inspiration and this is my result to the design:

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 20.21.52

Magazine design

During the autumn of 2016, we got a task about making magazine design for a fictive magazine which focus on the environment and social issues. The target group I chose was adults between 25 to 40 years. I chose them because most people in that age are established, got a stable job and many as well a family, which means more people have money enough to buy such magazines.
Besides is it easier to reach out to the younger generations through what they learn from their parents who read this kind  of magazines about different issues. And since the main target group still are quite young, they are the people who still got lot of their life left and can change the world and our mindsets.

For my design, I chose to make graphic illustrations. By doing that, I had more opportunities to visualize the articles as I wanted. As well as that, I could make it more appealing for the target group and give it a younger look.

I gave the it the name ANTI, since I through a lot of my drawing try to show in mild or more exaggerated illustrations to the articles about how we may not want the case to be.

This is some examples of the result the magazine design:

magasin-cover magasin-openmagasin-open2

Hemmeligheten (The Secret)

November 2015 one in my class and I got a job about making a movie poster to a short film called “Hemmeligheten” (in English, The Secret). The short film is about a girl who want to tell her friends about her sexual orientation, but can almost only envision about how they maybe will react to what she has to say.